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Past Events & Seminar

IN 2018
IMG-20180829-WA0032 A seminar held for students and teachers from Hosur,Chennai on 11th August,2018 .The gathering for the students were more than 300
IMG_20180905_150653 A seminar held for students and teachers from NDMC conventional hall on 5th September,2018 on the occasion of teacher' day.The gathering for the students were more than 200.
A group picture from the very first succesfull trendsetting seminar on"ANCIENT SCIENTIFIC WISDOM" took place at Uttara Guruvayurappan Temple on 17th July,2017
IMG-20180928-WA0010 A vote of context from the highly reputed scholars from our nation. SWAMI AGNIVESH, our chief patron also made his presence available sitting next to Dr. PVN MURTHY on 15th, September,2018.
IMG_20180706_212335 A meeting with Baba RamDev & Swami Agnivesh for a discussion on Indian Vaedhic History
IMG_20180224_121017 Launching of our science's magazine by Swami Agnivesh
IMG_20181007_111142 Dr. PVN Murthy giving a speech for UP Regional Education Caravan on 7th October,2018.
IMG_20181007_105458 Dr. PVN Murthy inducted as Guest of honour for UP Regional Education Caravan held on 7th October,2018
IMG_20180918_171913 DR. Murthy & team paying a visit to study the history of iron pillar, Qutub Minar

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VEDSRI Trust has a sole mission of spreading the awareness among every citizen of our nation about Vaedhic literature and is application to replace our modern education.

We are open to organise seminars, conferences, events all across the world to spread our knowledge.

We have some big scholars among our panel of experts who are expertise in domain of science and technology.

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