• In late 1970’s, P.V.N.Murthy, then a Dy. Manager – computer operations in Air-India Mumbai, accidentally started probing the mystery of Vedic lines. He doubted that Vedic language was not Sanskrit because when he started learning it by self, lot many words could not be found in dictionaries.
  • In early 1980’s as a Systems Manager, he found great similarities in the construction of the language of Vedas and that of computer programming languages. He curiously pursued the research in Vedic language. He visited many archaeological sites connected with ancient languages and their scripts all over the world, collected relevant information through palm leaf manuscripts, inscriptions on temple and fort walls, caves, mud pots, copper plates, old printed books, etc. and studied them.
  • In 1984, he was convinced that Vedic language was not Sanskrit at all and the later was born to the Vedic language. So he concentrated on the birth of Vedic language. He compared the commonalities in ancient grammer works like Agasthyam, Tholkaappiam, Panini, Ainthiram, etc.
  • The advent PCs in India in 1986, the first Autocoder Programming Language, and the Basic, Fortran and Cobol with Lotus, Excel, Dbase showed a great resemblance to the syntax rules given the grammer books sited above. Using them Murthy could finally arrive at the theory of LINGUAMATHS IN 2000.