VEDSRI – Vedic Science Research Institute is a non-religious public charitable trust mainly engaged in the research on the scientific contents of world’s most ancient scriptures like Vedas, Thamizh Sangam literature, Sufi, Holy Bible, Quran, Confucian, Tao, Shinto, etc. Its founder, P.V.N.Murthy former Systems Manager in Air-India’s computer centre at Mumbai, accidentally started probing the mystery behind Vedic language. His digging started unearthing goldmines of scientific theorems. He could not come out of it and pursued relentless for more than 25 years from 1977 when he finalised his theory named by him as LINGUAMATHS – the mathematics of languages. This theory formed the full basis for VEDSRI that got registered as a Trust in 2002 at Hosur. VEDSRI organised several lectures and seminars in India and abroad to create awareness of scientific contents in most of the word’s ancient scriptures. The applauses resulted into starting an English monthly Ancient Scientific Wisdom in 2009. Many high- level intellectuals’ appreciation of its contents suggested that a full-fledged Vedic Science University (Vedic Science here means ‘science of differences) to teach LINGUAMATHS and its application to decode with mathematical precision the scientific thought-flows of ancient scriptures. The University is necessitated because the literature to be decoded is so voluminous which is not one man’s job and a team of highly qualified experts is possible for a university.

Starting a university demands a huge money that VEDSRI did not have even a tiny fraction of it. Its trustees were intellectuals and not the rich. Many rich individuals, organisations, religious heads aware of VEDSRI were interested grabbing the LINGUAMATHS for a paltry sum and making money. Only SVVK Trust at Manvi allotted 33 acres of land out of which 3 and a half acres converted into NA for university buildings. Also, it promised it long-running sizable educational set up to be used temporarily and annexed after getting UGC approval for Vedic Science University. Unfortunately, SVVK also does have funds to be donated for infrastructure.

Under the present circumstances, VEDSRI cannot wait further considering the Murthy’s age nearing 80 years, and so has decided to start E-classes to teach LINGUAMATHS and Vedic language in mid-July 2017 using the small personal savings that Murthy has offered.He founded ASWIN TRUST as registered public charitable trust in February 2017 specially to raise funds for the above purpose hoping that sensible educated public and NGOs will support his public cause with requisite funds.


FOUNDER TRUSTEE – VedsriDr.P.V.N.Murthy, Former Systems Manager of Air-India Computer Center
SECRETARY – Pongnanasundaram Former Subregistrar in Tamilnadu
TREASURER – R. Aranganarayanan Former Administrator, Medical Department of Tamilnadu Govt.
TRUSTEE – Justice T.N.Vallinayagam Former High Court Justice, Chennai and Bengaluru
PATRON – Dr. V. SankarB.Tech. (Hons), Ph.D., National Secretary, BVP.
EDITORIAL BOARD CHIEF – Dr. Kannan Ph.D., IAS Former Addl. Chief Secretary Tamilnadu Govt.
REGIONAL PRESIDENT – Ramayyar Dist. President Krishi Wing BJP Nanded
REGIONAL PRESIDENT – Prof R. AnanthanarayananM.Tech. Former Principal Fisheries Institute, Tamilnadu Govt.

Donors may deposit funds in the account of ASWIN TRUST, a/c no. 917020027472548, IFSC code: UTIB0000781 and send an Email giving details of deposit receipts to: