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After 25 years of relentless research, P.V.N.Murthy,former systems manager of Airindia’s computer centre in Mumbai, rediscovered a path-breaking theory named by him as LINGUAMATHS-mathematics of languages.Its application to many ancient scriptures exposed the following:

Before ‘pralaya’ (the great deluge) 4 Vedas, 108 Upanishadhs and voluminous allied Vedic literature were used as textbooks on all conceivable subjects including science and technology at all levels of educational institutions.

Landmass was one at that period (named as Gondwana by scientists now) and thus Vedic education system prevailed all over the whole world and with this knowledge very advanced civilisation flourished.

The ‘pralaya’ created land drift and landmass was split into several pieces. Almost entire population perished along with the educational